08 Aug 2017

MC Academy & Televic Company Partnership for an Advanced Educational Platform

Brussels, May 15, 2017 – MC Academy for International Legal Studies and Televic Company announced a new strategic partnership focused on developing advanced and effective training and educational programmes based on and enhanced by technological innovations.



Together MC Academy and Televic are co-innovating around next-generation online collaborative learning to support individuals and institutions to access to materials and resources online that are customized to their needs. This revolutionary platform will offer educational opportunities for its users, including skills development programs, e-learning sessions, mentoring, and research to better prepare them.

The co-innovation focus areas will be on legal sector, Islamic banking, entrepreneurship, staff training, women empowerment among other areas. The Platform will serve as a space to share global experiences on the sectors named above, and spark high-level debate and exchange among leaders, institutions and experts.

The platform will cover the following projects:

  • Digital lab for teaching and learning;
  • Professional interpreter training systems and solutions;
  • Online platform for interactive learning and e- assessment through exercises, questions and tests.

“We are very pleased to form this strategic partnership with Televic Company. By combining MC Academy’s expertise in the international legal sector, with Televic’s advanced technology to deliver effective and innovative training and teaching solutions, and provide a robust and fun to use platform. In addition to create exciting new opportunities for education led transformation.” said Prof Adnan Amkhan Bayno Director of MC Academy for International Legal Studies.