MC Academy is an independent not-for-profit think tank dedicated to international legal learning, training and research.  Thus, MC Academy will foresee the fruition of two particular goals:

  • design and implement learning systems that will contribute to the positive advancement of international legal knowledge and practice
  • inspire and train to the highest possible standards those who decide to join our educational, training and research programmes.

Our educational and training programmes are underpinned by the following values and beliefs:

  • the unity of humanity
  • the power of ideas
  • freedom of thought
  • Interdisciplinary reach
  • Logical, critical and rational thinking
  • Language mastery and understanding
  • Ethics and professional self-respect
  • Imaginative and creative mind-set
  • awareness of cultural assumptions
  • cognitive errors and biases
  • learning through immersion

All our active training and research programmes are purposefully designed to benefit from the latest innovation in the fields of learning and educational technology.

Our training and research programmes are organised thematically within specialised clusters. The clusters will combine knowledge with dynamic and effective training.  Advances in e-learning and related technologies constitute the backbone of MC Academy’s educational and research programmes


MC Academy will organise conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops and other training programmes, as well as other events with the aim of promoting in-depth and practical knowledge of issues in the field of law and related disciplines.
MC Academy will create the intellectual and physical environment that encourages research in all its forms.
MC Academy will promote and make use of educational and training courses inspired and led by innovative thinking and educational technology.