The birth of MC Academy

The exponential expansion of global information and communication technologies is subjecting public and private institutions to serious challenges. These challenges are compounded by the diverse and intricate threats that face humanity—climate change, poverty, inequality, divergent economic growth, mass immigration, energy security and terrorism, to name but a few. The emerging complex global challenges are forcing us to rethink our collective possible futures. To achieve this, we must construct a suitable mind-set within which an appropriate behaviour may be realised.

It is true that legal ideas and institutions are constructed with the aim of transforming and generating desired human behaviour. We believe there is a pressing need for innovative legal ideas and institutions that will aid the reshaping of our vision for a better future. MC Academy for International Legal Studies has been created as a contribution towards this vision.

Nature and Function

MC Academy is an independent not-for-profit think tank dedicated to international legal learning, training and research; it will work for the fulfilment of two goals:

(a) design and implement learning systems that will contribute to the positive advancement of international legal knowledge and practice;

(b) inspire and train to the highest possible standards those who decide to join our educational, training and research programmes.

All our active training and research programmes are purposefully designed to benefit from the latest innovation in the fields of learning and educational technology.

Our training and research programmes are organised thematically within specialised clusters. The clusters will combine knowledge with dynamic and effective training. Advances in e-learning and related technologies constitute the backbone of MC Academy’s educational and research programmes.


Advances in e-learning and related technologies constitute the backbone of MC Academy’s educational and research programmes.  MC Academy will make full use of the internet and other legal educational and training technologies with the aim of offering web-based educational and training programmes.


MC Academy provides a debate platform where ideas and current legal problems are discussed with the aim of enhancing legal thought and identifying ideas that will lead to constructive and cutting-edge future legal research.

Striving to fulfil its mission and achieve its objectives, MC Academy will regularly engage renowned international experts, academics and practitioners from all relevant fields.