Individual membership

Individual membership benefits
  • A reduction in the admission price to all activities
  • A reduction in the subscription price for all publications
  • Inclusion in the list of members published on the website
  • Opportunity to join a network of innovative like-minded professional
  • Raise your profile in your chosen field
  • Distinguish yourself from other similarly qualified individuals.
  • Receive regular information of education and training and other events in your chosen MCA ‘cluster(s).
Grade of Individual Membership:
  • Founder member (by invitation only to those who have influence and standing in the 5 cluster fields) who would act as advocates/ambassdors for MCA and also form focus groups to advise on future MCA development. No fee
  • Practitioner Member – professionals who either complete an MCA module which includes assessment/examination or who can demonstrate equivalent knowledge.  Fee
  • Academic Member – educational establishment lecturers etc who teach topics included in one or more of the clusters.  Fee
  • Student Member – open to anyone studying at a university or other higher educational institution who is not qualified to join MCA as a Practitioner Member. MCA Student Members will have online access to a variety of resources as well as regular updates on MCA education and training and other events.  Will be able to submit articles for consideration for publication on MCA website/social media etc.  No fee
  • Affiliate – individual who is not able to satisfy the Practitioner Member entry requirements but who is involved or interested in one or more of the cluster areas and who wishes to show that involvement and to receive regular information on MCA events.  Fee
  • Young member – Practitioner Members and Academic Members who are also under the age of 45.

To become a member of the MC Academy, please send an email to